Druid's celtic owl

The Druids, were Philosophers, very highly intelligent people who were the bringers of the news and the events and happenings from far off lands and places. They were highly revered as Healers, High Priests, Priestesses, Elders and Bards of the ancient tribes people. They were people who worshiped the beauty within the world of nature.

They studied the wisdom of the world for a very long period of time (10 to 20 years or more). This included every kind of knowledge; from History ,Geography, Astrology,Animals,Tree,Herbs, Plants,Genealogy to Medicine, Music and Poetry.
They became masters of occult knowledge as well as everyday life and survival knowledge. They were reknown masters of astrology . It was believed that they could create Magical fogs, control the weather, create Magical fires, perform spiritual and astrally travel, interpreted dreams, as well as being able to cast spells and/or ward against outside Magical influences.

They were very educated in the uses and powers of the trees and the herbs as well as the animals, fish and insects. They conversed with the nature spirits and were able to read and to understand the Land itself.
They were also the spiritual specialists and the traditional leaders of the sacrifices among the Celts.
They were highly skilled in Herbal, Plant and Tree medicine and ancient remedies.

It was the Druids who served as judges and witnessed the solemn oaths.
It was the Druids who spoke first at gatherings and rituals. It was the Druids who lit the fires of rituals. They conducted rituals and safeguarded the spiritual health of their clan and community

It was the Druids who officiated at the sacrifices.
It was the Druids who banished people from the sacrifices.

It was the Druids who told the poetical epics and stories that were suited to each official occasion in Celtic society.

It was the Druids who conducted the rites of kingship and determined the kings themselves.

It was the Druids who dealt with the mysteries of the Otherworld when other techniques failed. It was the Druids who could read the signs and foresee the future.
They would build fires on the hilltops in belief that the large fires would help to strengthen the Sun God, and give him power enough to overcome the lord of darkness so that the sun season could continue.
They believed that the fires were sacred, therefore they burned dried crops and sacrificed animals to help strengthen the Sun God.
At midnight they stop worshipping the Sun God and start to worship Samhain because he will be the ruler for the next six months.
This is the starting of the new year. They perform ceremonies through the night to ask the spirits to tell the future of the upcoming year.
In the morning each household receives an ember from the fire, this ember is used to start fires in their own homes with the belief that it will ward off evil spirits in the new year.


Let the Ways be opened. Let the Hidden Ones come. Let us go to the gathering.
We Seek The Truth Beyond The Darkness.   We Seek The Love Of Spirit.
We Sing The Names Of Creation. We Die The Death Of Life.
We Look With Sightless Eyes. We Dance The Silence.
We Hear The Stone Of Fate. We Live The Life Of Lives.





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